Affilate and Advertisment

It’s an ideal opportunity to fortify your image nearness with very much offline and online marketing strategies. At Xsparrow, we coordinate an adaptable and result arranged web based showcasing system to oversee enhanced ROI and online reputation.

Within the Mobidea CPA Network, Mobidea now offers powerful tracking and analytics capabilities that help you deepdive and easily optimize your media buying campaigns.

We are constantly glad to manufacture a powerful online nearness for each business by giving:

  • Social Marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Media Buyers
  • Online Reputation Management

Why Xsparrow for Affilate?

Our Affilate group is a standout amongst the most skilled in the field, having dedicated and smart staff.

Information at the center

Information is at the heart of all that we do; thusly we utilize our own tech and in-house apparatuses as one with outsider tech and customer bespoke stages to guarantee the precision of our bits of knowledge – and also the speed with which we can create this imperative data. We put stock in enhancing and amalgamating information sources so as to make the most educated and guaranteed choices for our customers.

A methodology intended for your necessities

We are similarly as adroit at working with worldwide brands crosswise over universal markets as we are with SME’s hoping to break into specialty spaces; be it a little specialized review or delivering a worldwide Affilate system, we are constantly centered around giving ROI positive outcomes to our customers.

Rise from newbie affiliate to master player

Our Account Managers and Support Squads are here to guide and advise affiliates through set up and daily optimizations.

Our whole team works hard to write and pick the best affiliate marketing content out there just so that you can avoid affiliate marketing beginner's mistakes, make better day-to-day campaign management decisions, and be ahead of the curve on industry trends!


They're tech-savvy and usually promote their offers on their own webpage.

Media Buyers

Resourceful and with industry experience, they usually buy inventory from networks and monetize it on mobile offers.


Manage demand and inventory from affiliates, other networks, and advertisers.


By getting notifications of user post events, such as churn or unqualified leads, we're able to identify the best and most efficient sources of traffic for you. Together, we can achieve better results.


We can make sure your ads are served to real people and are reaching the right target audiences in order to maximize ROI and user retention for your campaigns.

How we control Fraud

Our proprietary anti-fraud technology follows the most advanced AI and machine learning standards in order to deliver increased transparency about different affiliate fraud types. Our real-time scoring and blacklisting technologies drive high-quality traffic to our Advertisers’ campaigns by analyzing every click and blocking all signs of click spamming, hyper engagement, and ad stacking fraud.